The Lord's Born-Again Freemen.

Adding a Spiritual-Dimension to the "Freeman on the Land" Concept.

Dropping everything for the Kingdom of Heaven

Hello All

I hope that everyone is well and in good spirit and having a good evening.

You may be interested, so please find a letter attached about dropping everything for the Kingdom of Heaven.

There is an NB (important note) on page 8, which you may want to explore further, as it has just happened.

I wish you everything of the best and God Bless.

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Thank you Pharun.
Thank Father.
You're welcome. Amen. Thank You Father.
Hi Pharun,

I have three comments / issues on the letter you wrote.

1) Is to show the Edomites (from Esau) as part of the Jewish population, but are of the seed of Abraham, and hence are by default Semites, in contrast to the Ashkenazis who are Japhethites.

I noted that you have edited the percentages of these Ashkenazis

2) Regarding Elijah. Is he really Christ by another name please? Only Elijah and Christ ascended into heaven in the Bible, and hence this is plausable.

3) I wonder if somebody could write on some key persons in this world, that are Edomites and infiltrated the churches, including the RCC. Question is if the pope John Paul II is one of them, how can we best prove it? If so, it would be an amazing story to tell!

Thank you Pharun and Father who wrote this letter.

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