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Holy Fast/Feast Days for 2014.

If you are interested in the Holy Fast/Feast Days for 2014, they are being recognized according to the 364-Day Calendar given to Enoch.

Holy Feast Days are about Fasting; please see the article :-  Hold Fast – Feast or Famine and the Passover.

Date Highlights:

Holy Fast/Feast Days of 2014

Passover – March 31 (begins at sundown on…


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Use the Defence

If everyone began using this defence tomorrow, in all of the Commonwealth courts and in the United States, the entire legal system could be brought to its knees in a matter of weeks if not days."

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The being - ‘Awake’ - a discipline of co-ordination of mind over body.

This co-ordination, only maintained by being ‘awake’, keeps the body under control, through the mind being at peace and alert to its surroundings (physical) and feelings (spiritual) at all times. Co-ordination practiced through being awake strengthens the fusion of mind controlling the body and working in harmony. The end result being a more integrated human +…


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Fear is only evil.


Fear:- distressing negative sensation induced by a perceived threat.

Looking at the word threat; something that is a source of danger.

The very first stage of fear…


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