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If you are interested in the Holy Fast/Feast Days for 2014, they are being recognized according to the 364-Day Calendar given to Enoch.

Holy Feast Days are about Fasting; please see the article :-  Hold Fast – Feast or Famine and the Passover.

Date Highlights:

Holy Fast/Feast Days of 2014
Passover – March 31 (begins at sundown on March 30)
Feast of Unleavened Bread – April 1-7
Day of Atonement – September 25
Feast of Tabernacles – Sept. 30-Oct. 7

Enoch’s calendar puts New Year’s Day on March 17th, after equal day-equal night in Jerusalem. This day is set apart from the calendar count and sets the Sabbaths in fixed positions, which are currently labeled as “Monday” on the Gregorian calendar.

The first day of the first month began March 18.  The first day of the seventh month will be Sept. 16, the Day of Trumpets.

Each season runs 91 days with three months each. The first two months of each season have 30 days each, while the third month of each has 31 days.

Spring – March 18 – June 16
Month One – March 18-April 16
Month Two – April 17-May16
Month Three –May 17-June 16
Summer – June 17 – September 15
Month Four – June 17- July 16
Month Five – July 17- August 15
Month Six – August 16-September 15
Autumn– September 16 – December 15
Month Seven – September 16-October 15
Month Eight – October 16- November 14
Month Nine – November 15-December 15
Winter – December 16 – March 16
Month Ten – December 16-January 14
Month Eleven – January 15-February 13
Month Twelve – February 14-March 16

This will be the same repeating calendar which keeps the seasons in order, while keeping the Sabbaths fixed. Leap days are added, but not counted. They will however, change the “label” from Monday to Tuesday, such as will occur in 2016. It’s best to keep track of the Sabbaths, not their “labels”. The Sabbath should remain March 2 of those years, although the weekday label-name will change to match the Gregorian and be called “Tuesday” by that calendar.

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