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The NOT so “lost” Ark of the Covenant

An Historian working in Ireland has been studying the whereabouts of the Ark of the Covenant for a number of years. His research and discoveries have led Him to the Hill of Tara in County Meath, Ireland, which shows that the Ark has travelled a long Way since its last known location, which was Tanis in Egypt.


At that time the middle East was in turmoil and Ireland was the only safe place it could be brought to. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon destroyed Jerusalem and King Solomon’s temple and took all the Jews that were left in Jerusalem, of that time, into captivity. The Jews captured by King Nebuchadnezzar were mostly from the tribes of Judah and Benjamin. King Nebuchadnezzar continued to attack others in the area, including the Pharaoh.


Jeremiah the Bible Prophet was the Ark's custodian and had taken the Ark to Tanis in Egypt  for safe keeping, but with the threat coming to Egypt, it had to be moved to another safe place. For those of you who have seen the film “Raiders of the Lost Ark” you will remember that Tanis in Egypt is where the search for the Ark starts in the film.


From reading the book of Jeremiah in the Bible, one can see that he was told by God, that Nebuchadnezzar was about to attack Egypt and that he must leave. He did so, with the Ark by boat to the end of the known world, which at that time, was Ireland.


Ireland was already inhabited by people from Israel who were Danites. (Danites - the Tuatha de Danaan - the Tribe of Dan, the fifth tribe of Israel, fathered by Jacob/Israel's fifth of his twelve sons, called Dan - Genesis 30:6)  Tuatha de Danaan - (Irish for the tribe of Dan). All the original inhabitants of Southern Ireland are from the tribe of Dan although they have come there via different routes and at different times and under different names. The Vikings were Danites and the Milesians were Danites too.


When looking at all the ancient Irish documents all the clues are available and can be pieced together.  Knowing what to look for and from studying the documents, there would be a clue here and a clue there. The correct correlation of all the clues leads to the Hill of Tara being  the secret place of The Way of life.


If you are familiar with the Bible and the Book of Deuteronomy, which is the fifth Book of Moses, you will see that it tells us that The Way of life is the Covenant. In the book of Lecan it tells us that Tara is the secret place of The Way of life. In other words it is the secret place of the Ark of the Covenant, which holds the original texts of the Covenant/Torah.


The Hill of Tara is The Hill of the Torah – The five books given to Moses.  Torah is Hebrew for LAW, God's Law which was given to Moses at Sinai and is contained in the first five books of the Bible. When the Ark and God's Law were brought to Ireland and then administered in Ireland, the name of Cathair Crofin was changed to the Hill of the Torah because that is where God's LAW was administered from. Eventually with time in the Anglo-Norman language it became Taueragh and then eventually it became Tara.


The Ark also contains the two Tablets of stone on which the Ten Commandments are written and King David’s harp, which is the Emblem of Ireland and was depicted on the ancient Irish flag.


The Danite people were a sea-faring people and had pilots who would have used the stars and the sun to navigate by, in their journeys to and from the East (Jerusalem) and West (the Isles afar off – British isles).


Another Biblical person who frequented The British Isles was Joseph of Arimathaea (Jesus' great-uncle). He brought the disciples with him and Mary the mother of Jesus, who was buried along with Joseph of Arimathaea at Glastonbury.


Many truths have been purposefully hidden from the world, by so-called Christian religious leaders(1) wanting to increase their power and coffers, by using their false "protection-racket" religion (money for redemption), together with many lies and deceptions, which have been perpetrated upon the world, especially the British and English speaking peoples in order to achieve their evil aims of self-aggrandizement, enrichment and domination. For example: how many British(2) people have been taught in school that the word Brit-ish is Hebrew and means "Covenant-man", as it does also in Welsh; in other words, Israelite-man? None. If they have learned it, they have had to do so from unofficial sources, even though it is an undeniable fact, also known to Sir Francis Drake and stated by him before the sinking of the Armada in his letter to John Foxe (1587).


Historical records show that Mary the mother of Jesus was a member of the British royal family, which was descended from King David and also the priestly line of Levi - she was the cousin of Elisabeth, who was a Levite. This Levitical connection is confirmed both in the Gospel of Luke and also in the Koran, which also confirms that Mary travelled to the East to give birth to Jesus in fulfillment of Old Testament prophecy. Mary’s Levitical and Davidic lineage meant that Jesus was therefore eligible to be both King and High-Priest, also in fulfillment of Scriptural prophecy. (Luke 1:36-43 & Sura 3:33-36)


Mary was from the British Royal family of that time and she travelled in one of Joseph of Arimathaea's ships to Israel and met Joseph the Carpenter there, where she became engaged. During and after the persecution of Jesus' disciples, Mary, again in one of Joseph of Arimathaea's ships returned to England, because it was the only place that was not under Roman domination, and the only safe place.


Back to the Ark and its recovery from Tara, which when it happens will be the biggest sociological event the world has ever seen. Unfortunately as always Christian religious leaders and their co-accomplice politicians(3) are hindering the recovery with the various falsehoods that they have portrayed through the main-stream media and by other means.


The Mound of the Hostages at Tara has been dated by carbon 14 dating (in the early days of carbon 14 dating) as being Stone Age. So their argument is that if it is Stone Age, it is not possible to have a Iron-Age sub-terrainean chamber underneath the Mound of the Hostages. But it is a fact that they have incorrectly dated it. When one carbon dates things, the carbon material that is used contains radioactivity and if the sample that they use is not corrupted, then they will get a correct dating. But the common thing that corrupts carbon dating is water, because the water washes the radioactivity out of the sample and then makes it appear that the sample is much older than it actually is. Don't forget Tara is in Ireland, which did not become so green without a lot of rain, which would corrupt carbon dating results.


The radio carbon system is well known and increasingly accepted by those in the field, to have a number of major draw-backs. Velikovsky, who was never averse to challenging the “experts”, presented a fairly detailed overview of the problems as early as 1972 in an article entitled “the pitfalls of radio-carbon dating”(4)


In 1997/8 there was an excavation done alongside the Mound of the Hostages by Helen Roche. Her excavations found the remains of an Iron furnace and iron residues. Her excavations extended up to and including an area alongside the base of the Mound of the Hostages and she was still finding iron residue. Her work was then terminated because it was becoming proof that their dating is wrong, and that the site is in fact Iron Age. It is not possible to have a Stone Age site built over an Iron foundry.


The Irish Ministry for Heritage Sites, The Environmant and Duchas (OPW), is helping to keep the Ark's whereabouts covered up by refusing to give permission to excavate a small area of rough flat grass measuring 2 x 2 meters to uncover the entrance to the underground mergech – the resting place of the “Lost” Ark of the Covenant. All that is needed is to remove the grass and if nothing is found to replace it, no harm done!


The Minister is refusing to communicate on this issue simply because people's reputations are at stake and for other reasons, but he fails to understand the significance of the discovery of the Ark, which may get to the point where Divine Intervention comes into play, as has happened many times before, as we know.


“The teachings of this True His-Story about the fact that the people of Ireland of both North and South; who have all been deceived, against Christ's orders to keep the Covenant (The Way), into becoming Catholic or Protestant, by the Vatican(1) and the British Monarchy(5) respectively, for their own material ends (their own personal wealth and power); are all in-fact racially Israelites and cousins, should finally heal the wounds and bring them together in peace under The Covenant(6) in the Torah, once the Ark of the Covenant is recovered from the Hill of Tara and shown to them all, as proof of their joint Israelite ancestry and the Eternal Covenant that they all made with God.” Amen – JAH


The Irish economy which could do with a boost would benefit enormously....


Please share this story and do your bit to help(7) with the recovery of the Ark and the return to God's Law. The help for now involves talking to people to generate a tidal-wave of support, which will be large enough to wash-away the obstacles preventing the recovery of The Ark of The Covenant from The Hill of Tara. You cannot sit on the sidelines and do nothing. You’re in this battle whether you accept it or not. Hold this thought – Love conquers all and your Love is another building block that Christ will use to help build The Kingdom and allow you to enter the Kingdom, that will be built for us here on Earth. I hope you will awaken to this awesome power of Love and join.
















Please re-post and share this article, far and wide.



Download this article as a word document here - The NOT so lost Ark of the Covenant.doc


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