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Adding a Spiritual-Dimension to the "Freeman on the Land" Concept.

Anyone who is aware can see that the anti-spirit Zionist, New World Order(1) are banging their war drums again, and the resonating appears to be getting louder... do you hear anything, where you are? We know that the Protocols of Zion(2), whether fake or not, have been carried out almost in their entirety. We talk, we complain, we moan, in endless debate. People like Icke for instance. He and Alex Jones just keep telling everyone what's wrong, to keep them worried, but NEVER offer any solution. They are extremely wealthy and are flying around the world to keep-up the fear-mongering, always promoting the problems and themselves, but never a solution.


Everyone is pulling in different directions and thus working against the ONLY solution, which Muad'Dib(3) has been promoting for 26 years. Most people don't even have a solution. The time for talk and blankly staring at the stars in the hope that something; anything, up in the firmament will provide us with a glimmer of hope, is waning fast.


Muad’Dib through his research, films and actions in taking the judicial system to task and challenging them as THEY* have never been challenged before. Him having left the court room, not guilty, and having exposed them. He has a Real solution which will work. How else would He have been found not guilty when they own the courts, media, and police who enforce their policies?


Your bodies are a human species which descended from many races, including the Irish Gaels, the Gauls, the Picts, the Scots. You are the one force that stands between tyranny and your very own absolute freedom, from these Zionist Counterfeit-Jews and their compatriots who reap vast profits from the business racket of war(4), through their banking methods and scams.


Will the bloody-mindedness of this once fighter and natural-born rebel race the British, again become the cause for their own demise. How many more young boys, yes British boys, do you want to see slaughtered, while their plans go ahead. Are you prepared to see your England, your people become nought in a world that you and your fore-fathers, by your own ingenuity, nurtured from barbarism to high culture. The Creator of the Universe, through the goodness of His own heart created the Brit-ish (covenant-men) His own special, chosen people to be the example of His Divine creativity, and how to follow His Law.


Muad'Dib's solution proposes a return to The Law(5) and the abolishment of all (human) legislation. He is calling for millions of you to show up on 5/11/2012(6) like in the film V for Vendetta. Only an overwhelming show of force/people will make the police and army stand down and enable the house to be cleaned. Nothing else will work.


The Ruler of the Universe will not stop these people, because He expects the people - YOU - to do it and keep and enforce The Law. If the people had done so, the banksters and their puppet politicians would not be wriggling their way out of all responsibility for the situation they are responsible for creating, but refuse to correct.


People in power have NEVER ever given up their power, without being FORCED to do so. This may well be your very LAST CHANCE. Are you a Freedom-Fighter(7)? Or will you rather die peacefully in the comfort of your own bed, if you're fortunate enough to avoid being exterminated as a useless-eater.


Muad'Dib may be leading the charge and showing us how to fight, but in reality it is us who really need to be fighting our utmost as WE are the ones facing execution, and WE are the ones who have made the world what it now is, so WE should be the ones to fix the situation. If people don't turn up, en masse, then they deserve everything they have coming to them.


                The True Jubilee: -


                *They – The Hierarchy Enslaving You.










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Download this article as a word document here - The True Jubilee.doc

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Comment by ennennde on August 2, 2012 at 6:52

Dear Passer-by, dear all,

good morning. I hope this finds you well, well rested and in good spirit.

Thank you very much for your encouraging and admonitary words.

Hopefully many of us are taking it to heart. Let us put on the breastplate of righteousness, take the shield of faith and fight with the sword of the truth. 

In fighting for God's kingdom on earth many miracles are happening to me so far. 

We are the ones we have have been waiting for. 

Long live the King! Long live the fighters for Go(o)d.


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