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Adding a Spiritual-Dimension to the "Freeman on the Land" Concept.

What should The Passover mean to us?


What we need to think about is how the crucifixion applies to the Passover, because the animal substitute sacrifice was replaced by daily "Self"-sacrifice.

We therefore cannot sacrifice a lamb and paint its blood on the door- posts and lintel of our house, but must apply the crucifixion instead, by metaphorically painting our house/body with the blood of the Lamb. To wash our garments/body clean in the blood of the Lamb.

He said I am The Way you have to be, and asked the Disciples, who asked  if they could return to heaven with him, if they could drink from the cup that he drank from - being crucified for the benefit of all.

We therefore, at Passover, need to mentally go through what he went through and endured, in detail in our mind as though it was happening to us and prepare ourselves mentally to be able to do the same.

So, the Passover is a time for very serious reflection on how we need to be in order to go home.

The first Passover was to release us from slavery under men's Legislation and give us The Laws of Liberty at Sinai, which we have never kept, thus breaking our promises, leading to the Second Passover redeeming us from the death penalty clauses of The Covenant,nand yet we still do not keep The Law even now.

We ask about the feasts, rather than the weightier matters of The Law that we should be enforcing, to set ourselves free from oppression under men's illegal legislation.

Are we willing to sacrifice ourselves for the benefit of others, to set them free from oppression and return them to freedom under The Laws of Liberty?

The Passover is a very important time to consider both Passovers and  what they really mean, or should mean, to us.

A teaching given to us from JAH and you was replaced with us,  we, and yourself with ourselves, because it is being shared amoungst us for our understanding and I am part of the we and us.

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